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Take one small step, you never know where you’ll end up…
16th Mar


Take one small step, you never know where you’ll end up…


I was once offered a place in the London marathon and for no other reason than it was something I had always wanted to do, I put my hand up and volunteered – after-all, there was a 76 year old woman running it so what excuse did I have?! A ruptured ligament for starters and an annual fitness ‘regime’ that could be listed on one hand – namely a week’s skiing and a couple of rounds of tennis … Added to which, I was really self-conscious and didn’t feel comfortable running in public and I was a good stone over the weight I should have been so didn’t fancy being seen out in lycra shorts and a running vest with everything on show.

But, having made the decision and having told so many people that I was going to do it, I knew I had to train and give it my best shot. So I bought the kit, put ear plugs in so I wouldn’t hear any negative comments on the street and put on sunglasses to make myself incognito and I took the first step outside my front door.   The first time I left the house I literally made it to the end of the road and then back.  After two weeks I could run 2 miles and within three months I had run 16 miles.

At 35, I completed my first and only marathon and I can honestly say that it changed my life.

By running 26 miles I not only changed my own opinion of myself but everyone else opinion of me too. Not only that, I changed my body shape for good and found a form of exercise that was not only cheap but which I could easily fit into my life.  It also made me realised what I was capable of and so if I now encounter anything that scares me, I look for all reasons why I can do it rather than why not. I have run nine half marathons since then and am signed up for another in March next year.  I can’t say that I love running and you don’t have to have a goal as big as the marathon to aim for but I love what running has enabled me to achieve and it all started with one small step…

So, whether you want to lose a few pounds, build your body confidence, get your credit card bill under control or sort out a relationship that is causing you grief, what is the small step you can take today to make change happen?

Mini coaching session:


  • What would you like to change?
  • What would be your ideal outcome?
  • How much do you want the situation to change?
  • How will you feel if things stay as they are?
  • What is the first thing you will do?
  • If you recognise that the same things keep happening, how can you change what happens next time?
  • What could stop you?
  • How will you get around this?
  • When will you take the first step?
  • How will you feel when you achieve your ideal outcome?

Take one small step and you can achieve great things and the results will far exceed your original goal


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