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Talk about the law of attraction!
5th Jun


Talk about the law of attraction!

ga5Yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that I found it so annoying to type and send texts and how amazed I am by how long some of the text that I receive are (how do they do that!?) and that I either ending up sending one word responses or calling rather than sitting down to the ‘task’ of sending a lengthy text which is probably what is expected.  Am I the only one who feels like they have sausage fingers?  So as I was driving home yesterday I was imagining how great it would be if I could dictate my texts (say nothing, I know now what is possible!) and avoid the pain of texting almost completely.   And then today, I went to see a friend and in the course of our conversation I mentioned how annoying I found texting and she told me about this great button on my phone (that she had only found out about yesterday) that does in fact allow me to do exactly what I was, the same day, dreaming about.

The reason I am telling you this ditzy, techno-phobes story is because it just goes to show, if you want something and you are open to finding it, you will bring these things to you both consciously and subconsciously.  By wanting it and imagining it and then talking about it, I attracted the solution to me.  And you can do that too – whether it finding the job that fires your belly or the life-long partner of your dreams.

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