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Business-based Personal Coaching
Coaching in the workplace can provide support for smaller businesses where time is short and management is lean.

Whether you have a ‘rising star’ or a company stalwart currently performing below their ‘norm’, it can be challenging to find the time and resource to manage, coach and mentor effectively. A personal career coach is cost effective and works in confidence with individuals to make change happen – from seeking out new goals in the business and for the business, finding solutions, navigating obstacles or building confidence to move to the next level.

As an employer, having a member of staff who is feeling demotivated, disillusioned and unclear about their job or prospects can have a negative impact on their performance and your business.  Equally, rising stars require nurturing to future-proof your business and ensure they continue to grow.

And because you’re busy I’ll make this short and to the point:

Imagine you have an unhappy person in your team today – chances are, for you to have noticed with everything else you’re dealing with, it has been going on for a while.  What impact is this is having on their productivity and motivation – and on those around them?   Equally, rising stars can easily become restless if new challenges are not forthcoming or they do not feel valued.  Ideally I imagine that the best outcome for you is one that benefits your business the most and costs you the least.

Personal coaching is affordable and can help individuals:

  • gain clarity about what is important.
  • establish whether their current role is working or not.
  • decide what their options are.
  • work out what change is required and how they can make change happen.
  • establish measurable goals towards achieving their ambition.
  • develop a plan of action with timescales for change.


I work with individuals in complete confidence and with neutrality to begin the process of change – in whatever form that takes – to move things forward.