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Wish you had or glad you did?


Life coaching is highly supportive, motivating and completely confidential. You have control of the subjects covered and the life coaching is focussed on establishing your own goals and how you will achieve them without judgement or a personal agenda. Sessions usually take place on the telephone, via Skype or face to face in Bath and last 45 minutes. Initially I recommend six sessions over three months so we can assess your achievements – how you continue is then down to you.


Do you stay or do you go?

Not sure if you’re still in the right company, position or career – lacking motivation or wishing you were doing something completely different? You may be standing at a career crossroads – should you stay, go somewhere else or do something completely different? Whichever one it is, change is definitely necessary and I can work with you to refocus yourself on what is right for you right now and how you can achieve it with confidence, meaningful goals and a realistic plan.

Pregnant Pause.

If you are returning to work, you may be concerned about how to manage work and family without dropping any balls, or concerned about how you are going to continue to show your commitment to work while still achieving a good work-life and family balance. You may be considering a new career that can give you the flexibility you now want. If you have been out of the work place for a while you may be lacking confidence and want to re-evaluate your strengths and priorities. Life coaching can help you clarify your goals and how you achieve them – from going back to work to juggling the day to day reality.

Do the best job you can.

Are you essentially happy with the professional you are in and would like to work with a life coach to support your move up the career ladder? Life coaching can help you clarify your career goals, identify what steps you need to take and how you achieve them. I will support you over the hurdles of people management and leadership, coach you to better presenting or time management and can support you to develop your influence and presence. Whatever success looks like to you, we’ll work together to establish short, medium and long-term goals and a measurable plan to achieve them. If you are a first jobber or returning to the workplace after a break I can work with you to achieve the best outcome during your first three month probationary period – from clarifying what success looks like and what expectations your new employer has to building confidence and creating a presence.

Decisions, Change, Action!

Life coaching is holistic and can cover every area of your life. Many people value life coaching when they are looking to make key decisions in their life – at home or work. You may not know yet what it is you want to change but know that you really want to make change happen. You may feel that you lack the motivation or confidence to make those changes. I will work with you to identify which areas of your life need focus and what exactly needs to change to move you forward.