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Warm and holistic life coaching.

The Hen House Life Coaching Practice, based in Bath, provides a warm and energetic, professional, personal development, career and confidence buiilding coaching service via the telephone or face to face. Life coaching is holistic and can encompass all areas of your life. It delivers real results both personally and professionally, giving you motivation and clarity about what you really feel you want to achieve in your life, in the short, medium or long term and how you can make the changes and take the actions required to achieve them.

You may be looking for life coaching for personal development and confidence building, career coaching to map your next move up the ladder or into another role altogether or professional coaching to achieve a step change in your approach to leadership, motivation and management. Life coaching can work with you to overcome barriers, dispels limiting beliefs, gain vision and build confidence. Significantly it is about achieving the goals you set.

Professional and energetic life coaching.

Creating goals and achieving them doesn’t just make you feel more fulfilled but makes you realise just what you’re really capable of.

  • At a career crossroads and want to work out which way to turn?
  • Facing challenges and want to build your confidence and make changes but don’t know where to start?
  • Considering a return to work while juggling a family and want to work out how to make it work and what you want from your next role?
  • Want to talk to someone neutral and with relevant experience?
  • Ready to make some big decisions either personally or professionally and need to be clear about your goals and make a plan of action?