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Sally Bradford – L.C.H. Dip. – Qualified and Experienced

I am an accredited Practitioner of Life Coaching. I have been trained by Europe’s life coaching pioneer, Curly Martin, and also with the UK College of Life Coaching.

Prior to life coaching full time, I worked in Public Relations as a consultant for over twenty years for global blue chip businesses, brands and charities, working my way up from an account executive to Managing Director. Core skills include business development, strategic planning, operations and implementation, leadership, new business and presentations, people management, motivation and personal development, , training and marketing integration.

While still in PR I trained as a life coach and applied it in the workplace for over ten years before I decided to set up a dedicated life coaching practice.

I am passionate about the power of life coaching and have achieved some major goals in my own life as a result of coaching including a career change, running the London Marathon, a long-lasting relationship and a move away from London to my own ‘Good Life’ ideal (including the chickens of course).

I have been a single working woman, a single working mum and a working woman juggling a young family. I have made the leap from one career to another and thrived so I have relevant experience and expertise both professionally and personally to encourage and support others facing the unique and varied challenges we all encounter day to day.